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April 2021

Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina: An Unexpected Peace  (Traveler Diary)   Here we were, careening through a countryside rife with tobacco fields, the Adriatic Luxury Journeys Mercedes, and an overarching feeling that we were venturing into a still-tender region, where the scars of recent war linger in the air and on the very buildings we were to

If You Like Tuscany, You’ll Love Istria ABOVE: Rovinj’s charming waterfront We’ve all seen Under the Tuscan Sun and heard tales of Tuscany’s singular elegance: warm breezes off the Mediterranean, a smattering of Cyprus trees, a soft sunlight that caresses, vineyards for days. And sure- it’s absolutely amazing.   But right across the warm, crystalline waters

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Activities on the Adriatic Coast There’s no better time to plan that spring or summer holiday with the whole family than the fall and winter, so as we inch into the holiday season, why not use this time to do the research any family vacation needs? We all

  “Here it is – King’s Landing.” Our guide gestured to an imposing wall of stone, pulling out a fan as the sun grew stronger. Our tour began at 11 a.m. in the midst of a particularly hot Croatian summer, and we thanked her again for agreeing to show us a city

4 Lively Reasons to Visit Croatia for the Holidays. 1. Holiday Markets in Zagreb  We advise arriving in Zagreb (pictured above) ahead of your holiday shopping with at least one empty suitcase for all the gifts and souvenirs you’ll find for friends and family. Stroll the boutiques lining Zagreb’s streets for artwork,

Visit Slovenia, just next door to Croatia, for beautiful mountains, family fun and intriguing history. For all the stunning coastlines and beaches of neighboring Croatia, it might seem counter-intuitive that just one border away, Slovenia would be full of scenery fit to host Hansel & Gretel; but with its pine-filled mountains

Šibenik might be the most fascinating Croatian city you haven’t heard of yet. If Croatians are reluctant to tell you how special Šibenik is, it may be because they’d like to keep this secret to themselves. With larger cities like Zagreb and Dubrovnik still topping classic tourist lists, and islands like Hvar and Korcula attracting

The waterfalls of Krka might just be the perfect way to end summer in Croatia. Although Croatia can easily boast some of the world’s best beaches, locals know that some of its most relaxing places to swim aren’t along the coastline. Along the winding Krka River in Central Dalmatia, just north

A visual guide to Croatia’s cosmopolitan capital. Even for well-traveled visitors, Zagreb is a city not easily described in just a few words. Ornate Astro-Hungarian architecture and an open friendliness point West — while rows of socialist-era buildings and a strong leisurely coffee culture (emphasis on culture) point East. However, Zagreb

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