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Guide to Romantic Travel in Croatia

Craving a romantic getaway with a hint of adventure? This year, trade the Eiffel Tower for towering waterfalls, soufflés for strukli, and crowded restaurants for private dinners amidst lavender fields and olive groves with a coastal escape to Croatia. Here is a guide our Honeymoon Journeys, romantic couples designed just for couples. All experiences are private guided journeys with service when desired and plenty of alone time for a private escape:


1. Croatian Love Story

Sample all that Croatia has to offer, from the chic wine bars of Zagreb to the ancient cellars of Diocletian’s Palace. You’ll find inspiration in the natural light shows of the Green and Blue Caves, sample sommelier-selected wines at Croatia’s finest restaurants, and enjoy a private sunset dinner off a secluded lagoon. After two weeks of coastal sunsets, gourmet dinners and architectural wonders, your significant other might have competition for the love of your life.








2. Dalmatian Desire

Sea-loving couples will find themselves right at home on this luxurious tour of the Dalmatian Coast. You’ll picnic amidst the waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park, kayak through the beaches of Zaton Bay, speedboat through the hidden cliffs and bays of the Paklinski Islands, and enjoy locally caught seafood at fine restaurants. You’ll also enjoy plenty of alone time as you lounge on the scenic beaches of Dubrovnik and relax in five-star suites overlooking the Adriatic Sea.







3. Dreamy Venice & Croatia

This cultural journey explores the rich history of the Adriatic in an atmosphere of romance, taking you through Doge’s Palace in Venice, the narrow streets of Rovinj on Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula, and open-air markets not unlike those that dotted the region in medieval times. Adventure seekers can hike through Plitvice Lakes National Park, zip line across the Cetina River or snorkel through the secluded beaches of Šolta and Brač.








4. Passion of the Adriatic


An experience created for discerning palates, “Passion of the Adriatic” sprinkles private moments like secluded picnics (where you’ll enjoy island delicacies, sparkling wine and fresh strawberries) with more adventurous activities like jumping into the waterfalls at Krka National Park. For a taste of authentic Croatian culture, you’ll meet artisanal chocolate and cheese producers, sample wine and oysters with local residents, and hunt for black-and-white truffles in the Motovun forest.

Seeking a different kind of coastal adventure? Adriatic Luxury Journeys can customize every itinerary to create personalized experiences pairing Croatia with countries across the Adriatic and even the Mediterranean, including Greece and Turkey.

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