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Croatia for Families: Korčula for Kids

It might seem impossible to fit so much culture, history and adventure into an island just 30 miles long, but if you have ever been to Korčula, you know this storied destination is full of surprises.


With a history spanning thousands of years — from the times of Illyrian tribes, through the Greek and Roman Empires, the Colonial influence of centuries past — Korčula has kept a piece of each era through its architecture, landmarks and cultural traditions. Lively attractions combined with family-friendly events, shallow, kid-safe beaches and fun outdoor activities make Korčula an ideal place to take all ages. Kids will have so much fun exploring this ancient island that they may not even realize how much they’re learning on vacation!

Here are is our guide to Korčula for families:


Historic Landmarks

St. Mark’s Cathedral

Built by stonemasons with the support of Italian masters, St. Mark’s Cathedral is a landmark of Gothic and Renaissance architecture in Korčula’s Old Town. Adorned with masterpieces dedicated to various saints (including St. Mark, the patron saint of Korčula), this stunning structure features the work of no fewer than six Croatian sculptors.

Town Museum  

Located in Gabrielis Palace, a classic example of 15th and 16th Century residential architecture, the Town Museum takes visitors through shows off exhibits in stonemasonry, shipbuilding and artwork while also displaying artifacts of everyday life from centuries past, including documents and coats of arms. Kids might imagine themselves wearing the bronze pendant of Tiziano Aspetti or playing the piano owned by Beethoven’s close friend, Edith Streicher, two of the museum’s most prominent exhibits.

St. Anthony’s Hill

Located a half-hour stroll from the center of Korčula, St. Anthony’s hill is an area of protected natural beauty, with a stone walkway to the summit lined with cypress trees. At the hilltop is a small church dedicated to St. Anthony, from which visitors can enjoy views of the Korčulan archipelago. Even kids will agree the sight is worth all 102 steps.


Events & Activities


This exciting sword dance shows kids just how fun real-life traditions can be, perhaps making them forget for a moment where their iPad is. Performed exclusively by males from Korčula town families, the mock battle dance of Moreska dates back hundreds of years. Traditionally taking place on July 29 (St. Theodore’s Day), the show now runs weekly during the summer tourist season from June through the middle of October.

Korčula Semisubmarine

For little ones hoping to explore the vibrant world under the sea, the bright red Korčula Semisubmarine takes them just below the surface to see all the aquatic wonders of the Adriatic — no need to snorkel. They’ll spot colorful fish and rich plant life, with a chance to see beautiful views of the shores from the submarine’s above-water deck.



For every kid who still thinks pasta comes only from a box, this traditional gastro event in Žrnovo (located just a mile and a half from Korčula) proves that good macaroni is made, not bought. The whole family will enjoy this outdoor event, which shows how to make makaruni pasta, traditionally served with meat sauce. The annual event takes place this year on August 9.


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