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Discover Albania: 10 Extraordinary Experiences for Your Summer Bucket List


A country of fresh mountain air, stunning coast lines, breathtaking national parks and intriguing cultural landmarks, it’s no wonder Albania has become one of the world’s fastest growing travel destinations. The New York Times named the Albanian Coast no. 4 on its list of 52 Places to Go last year, and Lonely Planet named it first on its 2011 list of Top Countries to Visit.


Incorporating luxury accommodations, comfortable air-conditioned sedans with private English-speaking drivers and private guides throughout, our Albania Adventure shows off the country’s most intriguing highlights for luxury travelers. For an even more personalized experience, our Tailor Made Journey lets you create your own Albania adventure, perhaps even combining neighboring countries on the Adriatic Coast.


Here are our top 10 “can’t miss” experiences for your Albania bucket list:

1. Hike to the towering 100-foot Grunas Waterfall in Thethi National Park.

2. Tour the Durres Archaeological Museum and wander along the nearby 6th-Century Byzantine walls.

3. Paraglide across the Albanian Riviera.









4. Gaze on the ancient city of Gjirokastra, a well-preserved relic of the Ottomon Empire, from the Gjirokastër Fortress.

5. Dive into the clear waters of Blue Eye Pool, a natural spring of azure framed by a rim of cobalt, like the iris of an eye.

6. Visit a local winery and toast with Albanian wine and raki, a traditional fruit brandy.


7. Visit a traditional Albanian farm and learn to make specialties like dolma or the savory byrek pies.

8. Visit the Apollonian ruins, one of the earliest traces of city life preserved from the Iron Age.

9. Ride on horseback through the paths of antiquity.

10. Sail through the unspoiled beaches of Albania’s south islands and peninsulas.



As with all of our tours, we love customizing each experience to your interests. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800.908.7108 or e-mail for more suggestions, activities and events, both in Albania and across the Adriatic Coast.


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