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Family Travel: Best Summer Festivals for Kids on the Adriatic Coast

Summer brings a whole world of adventure for kids on the Adriatic Coast with lively festivals meant to bring history, creativity and imagination to life. Here are five of our favorites:


1. Sarajevo Kids’ Festival – Sarajevo, Bosnia (June 12-16)

Southeastern Europe’s largest independent children’s festival features cartoons, interactive workshops, street performers and magic shows that might even impress parents! Pair the festival with the sites of Old Town Sarajevo, a visit to Mostar Bridge and the ancient Roman ruins of Dubrovnik in Croatia. Call us to create your own adventure.

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2. International Children’s Festival – Šibenik , Croatia (June 20 – July 4)

This long-standing festival, established more than 50 years ago, encourages kids to use their imaginations with drama classes, puppetry, music, theater, film, literature and painting. The event includes workshops, educational training and global presentations at different locations across the city. While in Šibenik , don’t forget to visit St. Jacob’s cathedral or wander through the winding, narrow streets and stone houses. We’ll supply the guide.

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3. International Festival of Theater for Children – Kotor, Montenegro (July 1-12)

Part of a broader arts festival, the 23-year-old Kotor Festival of Children’s Theater celebrates playwrights and stories from around the world. Visit the culturally rich city Budva on  your way to Dubrovnik for even more art, culture and history between the medieval architecture and relics of the Roman Empire.

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4. Bascarsija Nights – Sarajevo, Bosnia (July 1 – 31)

The free month-long festival includes more than 40 events, spanning literary performances, children’s programs, classical music concerts, films, and classical opera and ballet. Immerse yourself in the culture of Sarajevo with a guided tour, including the Cathedral of Sacred Jesus Hearth, the Jewish museum and gallery, and Morića Han — the only surviving hotel of the Ottoman era.  You can also visit the War tunnel, where your kids can learn the origins of the Balkans conflict in a way their history books can’t teach.

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5. Sinjska alka – Sinj, Croatia (August 2)

A UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List event since in 2010, the Sinjska alka celebrates the 300-year-old victory over Ottoman Turks by the city of Sinj. Riders on horseback strive to hit targets in a competition that resembles medieval jousting.

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As with all the vacations we plan, we love customizing each experience to your interests. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800.908.7108 or e-mail for more suggestions, activities and events across the Adriatic Coast.

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