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Small Towns of Croatia: Discover Samobor

If you’re looking to escape city life and wander into a picturesque town full of red roofed houses and narrow streets, then you’ll find an unexpected haven in the town of Samobor. Located just 12 miles from the cosmopolitan hub of Zagreb, Samobor is easily accessible by bus, car, or  (if you’re feeling adventurous) by bike.  Sip espresso at one of many cafes on town square, or order authentic strukli at a local restaurant. Join our Small Towns of Croatia journey to fully experience Samobor and other hidden gems in Croatia.



Samoborsko Gorje: Samobor is located in the middle of the Samoborsko Gorje, a mountainous region of Croatia with over 215 miles of hiking trails. If you’re a more active traveler who enjoys the beauty of nature, rent a bike for the day and experience any one of the four cycling trails in the region. You also have the option to go hiking, paragliding, climbing, or horseback riding.


Samobor Museum: Take a stroll through Samobor and you’ll come across the Samobor Museum. It’s full of cultural and historical facts about the town and is also located in a beautiful historic mansion.


Samobor Castle: Built during the 13th century, this stone fortress once protected Hungarian-Croatian kings and royal families. Now a stone ruin hidden in a hill, the castle is definitely a place worth visiting if only for its lasting beauty. Best yet, it’s only a 10-minute walk from the city center.





Palacinke: Palacinke (crepes) are a European staple. Go to Gabreku 1929 to and choose from between 35 different crepe combinations.


Kremsnite: Samobor is known for its creamy foods and kremsnite (a dreamy vanilla-and-custard cream cake dessert) is a must-try during your visit. Go to U Prolazu for a famous tasting.










Carnival: Every February Croatians gather in the streets of Samobor to chase away evil spirits from the previous year and celebrate life. Participants sport masks and a carefree attitude while they dance the day away. A tradition unlike most, the atmosphere is truly unparalleled to anything you’ve ever experienced. Can’t wait for winter? We suggest these summer art and music festivals throughout the Adriatic Coast.


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