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Taking the Family to Croatia: Exploring Rovinj



A region steeped in culture and history, the Adriatic Coast is a textbook come to life for kids – filled with ancient stadiums, castles and palaces, natural wonders and intriguing architecture spanning medieval times to the present. The culinary traditions of centuries past, on display at open-air markets and farms, give kids a lesson on what “fresh” tastes like, proving once and for all that cheese does not come from a can. They’ll also see what fun the natural world can be, with the light of Blue Cave replacing the glare of the iPad and waterfalls replacing WiFi.

Read along each week in this series about some of our favorite family-friendly activities in different regions of Croatia and surrounding destinations along the Adriatic Coast.


Part I: Rovinj

One of the most scenic cities on the Istrian Peninsula, Rovinj holds treasures for culturists and recreation enthusiasts alike. Between biking through the countryside, swimming in the clear sea and wandering through wildlife sanctuaries, your kids might forget technology for a just a moment as they enjoy simply playing outside. We recommend trying these activities as you explore Rovinj:


Guided Biking

The only thing better than exploring the ancient architecture and of Rovinj’s fascinating Old Town is letting an expert guide show you all the best landmarks. Going at your own pace, you’ll roam Istria’s villages and farms, tasting fruit from orchards along the way and meeting local farmers. You can also combine biking with hiking and enjoy views of the Lim Fjord Nature Reserve, where the kids can cool off in the sea or see which birds they can identify in one of two sanctuaries.


Explore Old Town

It’s one thing to read about the cobblestoned streets and bell towers of the 1700s in history books; it’s quite another experience these relics in person. Rovinj’s Old Town holds even older treasures with medieval walls and city gates that once guarded this ancient cultural hub. This taste of history accents the art and architecture of modern Rovinj, with galleries, restaurants and artisanal shops providing a full cultural experience.


Golden Cape Forest Park

Far from a regular town park, Golden Cape features a stunning array of native plants as well as planted trees, including Himalayan cedars, cypresses and Douglass firs. At the park’s edge is a rocky coast perfect for skipping stones or cooling off. Grassy clearings offer plenty of room to run around or simply lounge.


Explore the Rovinj Islands

No visit to Rovinj is complete without a visit to two of its most intriguing natural landmarks. The islands of St. Andrews and St. Catherine, a pleasant 15-minute sail from Rovinj’s town center, offer scenic adventures for the whole family. St. Andrews offers a restaurant and miniature golf course, while St. Catherine features beautiful gardens and parks, including 450 different kinds of plants. Neither island allows cars, making it easy to explore the trails, cathedrals and beaches on foot.


Batana Museum

A museum dedicated to Rovinj’s strong history of fishermen, Batana Museum pays homage to the flat-bottomed Batana boat, a vessel popular in centuries past. Special events throughout the year give families a chance to meet local fishermen, ride in Batanas and experience some of Rovinj’s oldest traditions.


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