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Croatia: A Hidden Winter Escape

4 Lively Reasons to Visit Croatia for the Holidays.

1. Holiday Markets in Zagreb 

We advise arriving in Zagreb (pictured above) ahead of your holiday shopping with at least one empty suitcase for all the gifts and souvenirs you’ll find for friends and family. Stroll the boutiques lining Zagreb’s streets for artwork, fine chocolates, and, of course, a classic cravat (necktie) for every gentleman on your list right from its origin. You’re even likely to meet a historic figure on the street who can tell you all about its origin. During the holidays, you’ll also find markets filled with unique ideas you would find nowhere else. Read more about exploring Zagreb.

2. The Spirit of Split

Seaside Split is pleasant every time of year, with mild temperatures even in winter. A New Year Fair is open from December 1 to January 10, and bright lights turn Roman emperor Diocletian’s summer respite into a colorful holiday oasis. We can arrange day trips to Trogir, Hvar and Dubrovnik for a full tour of the Dalmatian Peninsula, and of course, no trip to Split is complete without trying some of the country’s best restaurants. Ask us about some of our favorites.


3. New Year’s Eve in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has been a cultural epicenter since the Middle Ages, and even now it is the place to be for New Year’s in Croatia. Many hotels host celebrations, many of which are family-friendly, and you’ll find a number of restaurants and bars celebrating with live music. If you look closely along the coast, you might even find a group of locals ringing in the new year with a chilly game of picigin (a cross between volleyball and water polo played in the shallow water).

4. Croatian Wine Tasting

Some of the best reasons to visit Croatia don’t depend on weather at all. Due to small batch sizes, many of Croatia’s world-class wines can only be experienced within the country, making a vino-inspired escape perfectly warranted. We recommend taking inspiration from In Vino Veritas, a Small Group Tour dedicated to Croatia’s wines. Call us, and we’ll create a winter itinerary customized to your interests.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800.908.7108 or e-mail for more suggestions, activities and events across the Adriatic Coast.

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