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Snapshot of Croatia: The Coasts (and Peaks) of Nin

Nin is rich in history, but the views aren’t bad either.

Unless you grew up in Croatia (or really know your medieval history), you might not yet have heard of Nin, a small, centuries-old city nestled in a peaceful lagoon near Zadar. And to be honest, the few thousand people who live here might be happy to keep it that way! If your hometown looked like this, you would probably feel the same way:


Although guidebooks talk mostly about Nin’s medieval religious prominence and connection to ancient rulers (evidenced by striking statues, ancient churches and archaeological sites), they often forget to mention the beaches — and the views. Nin is one of those rare towns where mountains meet the ocean, and as you relax on the sand, you can gaze on the Dinaric Alps in the distance.


Of course, the mountains are best directly viewed from the sea, where you’re likely to find a kitesurfing show, the colorful kites as intriguing as the kiters’ skill. If you’d rather stay on land, we recommend ordering an iced cappuccino from Caffe Bar Zora and taking in the action from their patio. (This is also a prime spot for viewing the sunset.)


For an even calmer scene, you might stroll along the waterways or pick a spot in the shade to watch the rowboats go by. You might also spot fishermen making their daily catch, which you can later try at nearby restaurants like Kanoba Bepo.

If you want to truly experience small towns in Croatia, we recommend stopping at Nin to relax, rejuvenate, and even cross a few things off your bucket list.


…Kitesurfing anyone?


We’d love to show you around other small towns, too, both in Croatia and in surrounding countries on the Adriatic Coast. For more suggestions on where to go and what to see (in cities big and small), browse our Journeys. As with all the vacations we plan, we love customizing each experience to your interests.

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