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Taste of Croatia: Authentic Flavors from Land and Sea

Food tastes better where ‘local’ and ‘organic’ are the norm, not the exception — and that’s only part of why Croatia’s food is so delicious!

Travel is one sacred time where diets can be completely discarded, and palates become open to new flavors. This is particularly necessary in Croatia, where it would be a real travesty not to indulge in local specialties — although not all dishes require a loosening of the belt!

A country where coasts, mountains and fertile river valleys meet, Croatia brings fresh seafood, olive oil, cheese, vegetables and even lamb into regular dishes. This is to say nothing of Croatia’s locally made wine, which has become a not-so-hidden secret among oenophiles across the world.  Travelers coming from a grab-and-go culture will appreciate a more relaxed sense of pace in every sense. No check slipped in with the entree at a restaurant or coffee at a cafe. No eager plate clearing from servers. Even market vendors are happy to let you peruse the colorful fruits, vegetables and herbs at your leisure. The atmosphere allows for time to savor, and these moments often become the most memorable of a trip. Our Gourmet Journeys show you the best of Croatia’s specialties and the secret ingredient (a lot of love) that makes everything taste better.

Whether you seek a refreshing reminder of what just-picked vegetables taste like, or you hope to try a truly authentic dish, here are 5 “must try” culinary experiences in Croatia:

At Lunch: Octopus Salad

Perhaps the only thing nicer than gazing out onto the Adriatic Sea while dining is enjoying the fresh seafood that comes from it — best enjoyed with a glass of nice pinot bijeli and good friends.

For Something Light: Frog Legs

Our guides can tell you which restaurants have the best dishes and what to order to best accompany these tasty specialties!

If You’re Hungry: Pork & Lamb?

You’ll find an abundance of fresh meat in Croatia, much of it still served the traditional way.


End With: Rakija

Whether you sample peach, walnut or even rose varieties (among many others available), no visit to Croatia is complete without a taste of this traditional brandy, which some say even wards off colds.

Try all of these specialties and more in Croatia! Here are our recommended trips to Croatia where you can really experience “a taste” of this country:
Flavors of Dalmatia |In Vino Veritas | Flavors of Zagreb & Istria

As with all the vacations we plan, we love customizing each experience to your interests. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800.908.7108 or e-mail for more suggestions, activities and events across the Adriatic Coast.

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