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Snapshot of Croatia: “Split With Your Senses”

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What makes Croatian fritule so very sweet? Well, it helps that these specialties — akin to a far superior donut hole — are organic, much like all homemade food in Croatia, but just as importantly, they’re made with joy. At this Croatian bakery in Split, trays of fritule join other tasty specialties make with natural ingredients and a local touch.  Put us down for one of everything!

Fritule: festive mini-donuts made with rum, citrus zest and raisins, topped with powdered sugar. Although a Christmas highlight, these flavorful little nuggets are enjoyed all year-round.

Travel to Croatia - Split Bakery

How can you try local fritule? Well, first you need to make it to Split. Here are our recommended trips to Croatia where you can really experience “Split with your senses”:

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