If You Like Lake Como, You’ll Love Lake Bled in Slovenia

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Lake Como is renowned as one of the more luxurious places to visit in Italy, and is perhaps even more well recognized as a celebrity haunt. We all know that George Clooney is a regular, as the lake high in the Italian Alps has attracted everyone from Gianni Versace to Richard Branson, Ronaldinho and Madonna- you get the picture.


If you love the mountainous environs and stunning topography, you’ll love a visit to Lake Bled in Slovenia! Sitting high in the Julian Alps about 1600 feet above sea level, considerably higher than Como, Lake Bled shines unadulterated in the pristine sun of the clean, mountainous air. Only 34 miles from Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital, Bled is surrounded by foliage typical to the region (in the summer, an intensely green pine forest recalls the fairytales of other Alpine utopias), and is a delight for families, couples, as well as the intrepid solo traveler- especially those seeking inspiration and a break from the manic day-to-day inundation of city life, noise, and technology.


In the middle of the calm, translucent water sits Bled Island (or Blejski otok to the locals), an easy ten-minute gondola ride from the shore. A sturdy, capable-looking fellow will row you and your companions calmly from the shore to the island, where you can explore the Assumption of Mary church, built near the end of the 17th century and featuring frescos a bit older than that.


Back on shore, you’ll find activities for all seasons- whether you’re looking forward to a winter ski or snowboard, a kick-around game of soccer, an alpine slide down the precipitous slopes in summer time, or to just bask under the clear sunshine in a rowboat of your own maneuvering with an Ozujsko in hand, you’ll find loads of activities for all ages as you don your Wayfarers and kick back- Clooney-style.

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