Gourmet Journeys


We at Adriatic Luxury Journeys believe that food is one of the main reasons we all like to travel. Therefore, we have carefully designed our Gourmet Journeys to include unique experiences that best capture the authentic food, wine and the centuries of food and wine traditions of Croatia and the Adriatic coast.

I was born in Croatia and spent my childhood indulging in the abundance of my grandmother’s and my mother’s homemade specialties prepared the traditional way with the freshest locally grown meats and produce, and a lot of love, as the secret ingredient to every meal. The tastes of my favorite meals are indeed very special to me and these extraordinary and incomparable flavors will live with me forever. They mean home to me. Where else can you savor the best homemade “štrukli” and “purica s mlincima”? Or cured ham (called “pršut”), together with goat, cow or sheep’s milk cheeses; indulge in homemade pasta served with a creamy white wine sauce and generously garnished with slivers of white or black truffles? Taste the most tender and succulent roast of lamb cooked slowly under hot embers (“pod pekom”) together with seasoned potatoes that melt in your mouth; delight in top-quality fish and seafood caught fresh that day; and treat yourself to creamy chocolates and delectable desserts — all the while enjoying luscious, aromatic wines that bring out the flavors of the food in all their richness…

Croatian cuisine today blends century-old influences and ancestral recipes with modern day flair and creativity. And that is exactly what I, the founder of Adriatic Luxury Journeys, want all of you to experience while traveling on any of our gourmet journeys through Croatia – the exceptional, the authentic, and the most delicious specialties of every geographical region.

We are confident that only with the Adriatic Luxury Journeys you will completely immerse yourself in the best of Croatia’s culinary palette through our exclusive private touring of the cultural highlights of each region, with an emphasis on local gourmet specialties and traditions. It is not a secret that even the most renowned Italian chefs admit that some of the most popular and best Italian specialties can be sampled only in Dalmatia.

Sampling Croatia’s cuisine is indeed a unique experience. In each region of the country, you will find typical delicacies and fine products that are made according to ancestral recipes and adapted to suit modern tastes. Croatian food will delight you with its diversity, freshness and richness.

Savor the best of the Croatian cuisine through a variety of dining experiences and venues, including authentic restaurants, dining at private homes with local families, a variety of cooking classes, from private to group. We’ll take you on behind-the-scenes tours of bakeries, wineries, farms, orchards and artisan food workshops.

In addition to our gourmet tours, we will gladly customize a journey to suit your level of food and wine interest and proficiency in Croatia, as well as in any other European destination we offer.

ItineraryPre-selected by us or can be customized
HotelsHotels of our choice or yours
SightseeingPrivate, with local in-the-know guides
TransfersWith private chauffeur
Tour DirectorNot accompanied by a Tour Director
Tour Start DateFlexible, your choice