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La Jolla, CA 92037
Telephone: 858.609.6619
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Delivering Extraordinary Experiences

Adriatic Luxury Journeys is a boutique travel and tour operating company with proficient skills in the masterful creation of enriching travel experiences to Croatia and the neighboring countries of Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Italy & Albania. We deliver unsurpassed professional and personalized services for discerning travelers who expect the highest level of luxury, impeccable service, attention to detail and most of all extraordinary experiences.

Adriatic Luxury Journeys is a leading provider of unique small group escorted journeys for a maximum of 12 travelers, private journeys and tailor-made vacations to Croatia and countries along the Adriatic coast, at the most competitive rates. Our custom tours offer flexibility, your own expert guide and driver in each destination, and each day is tailored to your personal interests, travel preferences, schedule and level of energy.

We deliver only the best of the best to our clients, and our comprehensive destination knowledge and travel planning expertise allow us to take you to our destinations “the insider way” and make your travel experience enriching, hassle-free, and really special. Our journeys are comprised of distinctive sightseeing by expert local guides, finest accommodations, private transfers by experienced & knowledgeable local drivers, yacht and sailboat transfers, authentic dining in astonishing settings, genuine encounters with locals, special events, thrilling adventures, culinary events and so much more.

We treat the design of our client’s itineraries as a work of art; each one is unique, created by a destination savvy travel professional and crafted to perfection. Our travel masters have insightful and unique capabilities to completely understand the travel preferences of each individual client and deliver the product and services that are a true match with all of our client’s requirements. We flawlessly transform all of our customers’ travel wishes into the most amazing experiences. And we do so in a few hand-picked destinations which we have the immense knowledge of by living there at some point of our lives and by visiting there frequently.

Unsurpassed Destination & Luxury Services Expertise


The energetic and creative team of highly professional travel specialists at Adriatic Luxury Journeys is knowledgeable in all areas of travel to Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania and Italy and will provide you with ongoing, firsthand travel advice and expertise. You’ll also have access to our experienced travel professionals located in our branch offices overseas who are available around the clock to ensure your comfort, safety, and enjoyment. Your authentic experience with Adriatic Luxury Journeys begins from the moment you contact our travel experts and it lasts throughout your amazing journey and long after you return home enriched, inspired and fulfilled for many years to come.


In addition to our local travel directors and our own local team on the ground, our clients have access to a variety of privileges while traveling; scenic local routes with less traffic, authentic boutique hotels with room upgrades, special meals, late check-out, complimentary spa treatments or day tours, tickets to cultural events and performances, reservations at renowned restaurants, and access to private homes, gardens, art collections, museums, cooking instructors, and much more.


Adriatic Luxury Journeys is a proud winner of the Golden Magellan Award by Travel Weekly. The team of travel professionals at Adriatic Luxury Journeys has an excellent track record with many years of highly successful work on projects ranging from promoting Croatia in the United States, creating and operating escorted & fully customized incentive programs for the leading U.S. businesses to orchestrating successful Press & Inspection Trips for some of the most prominent U.S. journalists and media houses.

Our Founder

Maria M. Kuchan is the founder and CEO of Adriatic Luxury Journeys. She came to the U.S. from Zagreb, Croatia twenty-five years ago in pursuit of the American dream. Even though she had very little or no money when she arrived in the U.S., she has always had vision, determination, creativity and passion to succeed. From a very modest young lady who used to work three and four jobs at times to get by, she worked her way up and became a successful business owner and a mentor with a reputable collection of travel brands both here in the United States and in Croatia, as well.

Since November of 2005 when she started Adriatic Luxury Journeys, Maria has been doing exactly what she craved to do all of her life: create, plan and deliver enriching journeys to Croatia and the neighboring countries of Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Italy and Albania with emphasis on genuine local experiences with a special touch and personal care, seamless coordination & impeccable service. She has firmly believed in carefully listening to customers, crafting exactly what they want, offering it at a competitive price, but always delivering more and exceeding their expectations. She solely relied on quality as a secret ingredient for building a good business reputation and growing business. She depended mostly on the recommendations of satisfied customers.

As a matter of fact, Maria today not only oversees the daily operations on both ends of the world, she is very much involved in ensuring the high quality of provided services. In addition to personally training the ground operations team and their managers she also randomly joins a small group tour for a day or two, or any of the private tours for a few hours, just to make sure that everything flows smoothly and the customers are enjoying their journey. And customers will never know who she is and what she does. She has been doing this from the first year she started the business and continued doing so ever since. This has been Maria’s way of staying in touch with the most genuine and authentic way of travel through encounters with locals, her team of travel professionals and with customers at the same time. This is her story of passion for travel which has also been passed on to the growing team at the Adriatic Luxury Journeys, our customers and new generations.

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