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If You Like Tuscany, You’ll Love Istria ABOVE: Rovinj’s charming waterfront We’ve all seen Under the Tuscan Sun and heard tales of Tuscany’s singular elegance: warm breezes off the Mediterranean, a smattering of Cyprus trees, a soft sunlight that caresses, vineyards for days. And sure- it’s absolutely amazing.   But right across the warm, crystalline waters

4 Lively Reasons to Visit Croatia for the Holidays. 1. Holiday Markets in Zagreb  We advise arriving in Zagreb (pictured above) ahead of your holiday shopping with at least one empty suitcase for all the gifts and souvenirs you’ll find for friends and family. Stroll the boutiques lining Zagreb’s streets for artwork,

The waterfalls of Krka might just be the perfect way to end summer in Croatia. Although Croatia can easily boast some of the world’s best beaches, locals know that some of its most relaxing places to swim aren’t along the coastline. Along the winding Krka River in Central Dalmatia, just north

A visual guide to Croatia’s cosmopolitan capital. Even for well-traveled visitors, Zagreb is a city not easily described in just a few words. Ornate Astro-Hungarian architecture and an open friendliness point West — while rows of socialist-era buildings and a strong leisurely coffee culture (emphasis on culture) point East. However, Zagreb

Many wines from the island of Hvar are only available within Croatia — if you ask travelers, that’s part of their appeal.   Although the mental image of Hvar for many travelers stops at turquoise waters and intricate marble buildings, the island holds many unexpected treasures for those willing to explore beyond

The personal stories of an animated guide made one guest’s trip to Croatia unforgettable. A Guest Travel Diary We knew when we saw Adriano running across the dusty road to meet us on the way to Pula — a smile turning up the corners of his mustache in the glaring summer heat —

Food tastes better where ‘local’ and ‘organic’ are the norm, not the exception — and that’s only part of why Croatia’s food is so delicious! Travel is one sacred time where diets can be completely discarded, and palates become open to new flavors. This is particularly necessary in Croatia, where it would be

Sinj celebrates a 300-year-old tradition. Three hundred years ago this week, 700 horsemen in the small Croatian town of Sinj fought back 60,000 Ottoman Turks to defend their city in one of the world’s most celebrated David vs. Goliath battles. To commemorate the battle, the town has held a tournament of skill

Vis is an island full of secrets best discovered first-hand. The Telegraph and Conde Nast Traveller have both (in separate articles) described Vis as an island fit for a James Bond movie — a reference that might get a chuckle out of its 3,000 residents, who love this calm and tranquil island for its stillness

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