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Šibenik might be the most fascinating Croatian city you haven’t heard of yet. If Croatians are reluctant to tell you how special Šibenik is, it may be because they’d like to keep this secret to themselves. With larger cities like Zagreb and Dubrovnik still topping classic tourist lists, and islands like Hvar and Korcula attracting

The personal stories of an animated guide made one guest’s trip to Croatia unforgettable. A Guest Travel Diary We knew when we saw Adriano running across the dusty road to meet us on the way to Pula — a smile turning up the corners of his mustache in the glaring summer heat —

Food tastes better where ‘local’ and ‘organic’ are the norm, not the exception — and that’s only part of why Croatia’s food is so delicious! Travel is one sacred time where diets can be completely discarded, and palates become open to new flavors. This is particularly necessary in Croatia, where it would be

Sinj celebrates a 300-year-old tradition. Three hundred years ago this week, 700 horsemen in the small Croatian town of Sinj fought back 60,000 Ottoman Turks to defend their city in one of the world’s most celebrated David vs. Goliath battles. To commemorate the battle, the town has held a tournament of skill

Vis is an island full of secrets best discovered first-hand. The Telegraph and Conde Nast Traveller have both (in separate articles) described Vis as an island fit for a James Bond movie — a reference that might get a chuckle out of its 3,000 residents, who love this calm and tranquil island for its stillness

A peaceful escape on the Adriatic Coast If you feel yourself weighed down by the day-to-day stresses of everyday life, we know a place that will put you instantly at peace. Where the Cetina River meets the Adriatic Sea — and where rocky mountains meet lush vegetation and green valleys — you’ll

Visit this uninhabited Croatian island to ‘unplug’ and reconnect with nature. Just south of Hvar is a group of islands so under-the-radar, the only traffic you’re likely to find will be hikers on footpaths and boats coming from the marina. The Paklinski Islands, filled with secret coves and swimming spots, is a

Nin is rich in history, but the views aren’t bad either. Unless you grew up in Croatia (or really know your medieval history), you might not yet have heard of Nin, a small, centuries-old city nestled in a peaceful lagoon near Zadar. And to be honest, the few thousand people who live here might be

Small towns of Croatia through a local’s lens. What do locals see when they explore Trogir?   Yes, all its famous landmarks — the clock at Town Square, the markets, the stone architecture that hints at a centuries-old past so significant the entire town is on the UNESCO World Heritage List — but also

Although the world’s largest film festivals seem to get most of the media attention, some of the most prominent celebrations are right on the Adriatic Coast. (Although the Adriatic has its share of large festivals, too.) See debuts by up-and-coming global filmmakers, premieres by renowned directors and perhaps even an

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