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Small Towns of Croatia

Small Towns of Croatia

$4495 per person
  • Overnight in charming boutique hotels in small and less known towns of Croatia
  • Experience local flair and flavor of the country visiting quaint villages and scenic countryside
  • Enjoy private sightseeing of Zagreb, Pula, Poreč, Zadar, Šibenik, Trogir, Split, Korčula & Dubrovnik
  • Take a private tour of Varaždin and visit castles of Zagorje region
  • Journey through scenic Istrian Peninsula and discover Hum, smallest town in the world
  • Admire views from picturesque town of Motovun and taste local Istrian specialties with truffles
  • Travel through the island of Krk and learn all about Baška tablet
  • Hike through the serene nature of Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Visti traditional villages in the countryside of Dalmatia and Konavle and taste their specialties
  • Taste oysters and finest Croatian wines on Pelješac Peninsula


Stay in boutique hotels off the beaten paths of Croatia and experience true flair and flavor of the country touring the well-known cities and exploring small towns, islands and quaint villages, too. Small towns of Croatia is a unique independent journey that focuses on Croatia’s roads less traveled. Overnight and spend time in places that are usually off the tourist maps while you still have an opportunity to visit the main sights and have an authentic experience of the country.


Begin with a couple of nights in Samobor, a charming town in the vicinity of Zagreb. Mingle with friendly locals at any of the cozy cafes or restaurants on the main town square and enjoy a slice of kremšnita. Journey through the picturesque rolling hills and village of Zagorje to Varaždin. Visit the mysterious castles and dine on traditional specialties, and taste wines of the region.


Next, in the company of your private chauffeur, transfer to your hotel in the seaside town of Novigrad.  Stop along the way on Plešivica Hill for a memorable wine tasting experience. Novigrad will pleasantly surprise you with a wealth of its architectural and historical sights, cultural heritage, unspoiled natural beauty and most of all with its incomparable seafood menus.


Visit Pula and Poreč and journey through the Istrian countryside to the tiny towns of Hum and Motovun known for exquisite truffles. Travel to the island of Krk in Kvarner Bay and learn all about Baška tablet.


Explore Plitvice Lakes National Park during your hike around stunning lakes and waterfalls. Arrive to the 3000 year old city of Zadar and discover its precious collection of Gold and Silver. Come to Šibenik, the oldest native Croatian city on the Adriatic. Take a scenic drive to Krka National Park, hike and swim underneath the chilling waterfalls and find out all about a traditional way of life in one of the nearby villages of the Dalmatian countryside.


Take a scenic route along the Adriatic coast and discover charming town of Trogir and glorious city of Split. Stroll the charming streets, visit markets, taste authentic specialties and mingle with locals. Continue to Makarska Riviera taking the gorgeous scenic route along the pristine coastline.


Transfer to Cavtat in the countryside of Konavle region not far from Dubrovnik, the queen of the Adriatic. Along the way, visit Korčula, the birth of Marco Polo, visit Ston on Pelješac Peninsula known for best oysters and finest Croatian wines.


Culminate this extraordinary journey with a visit to Dubrovnik. Stop. Breath. Take it all in. Close your eyes and remind yourself that all of this really did happen. This is not a dream although it really sounds like one.

What an amazing experience

Wow! We had an amazing time in Slovenia & Croatia. Everything went smoothly and we really enjoyed every minute of our vacation. Hotels were exactly what we like, guides and drivers were so friendly, personable and knowledgeable. Our guide in Ljubljana and Lake Bled was like a family to us. We never knew Croatia's wine was so good. Thank you for all of the wine tastings near Split in Hvar and Peljesac. We had an opportunity to meet with a wine maker that you arranged for us. I am attaching a few photos that I know use as my bragging rights with friends:) Thank you, Tom and everyone at Adriatic Luxury Journeys for taking such a great care of us and for offering us the best rate, too! We have already recommended you to many of our friends. Cheers, Irwin B.

Irwin B.

You have exceeded our expectations

We absolutely loved our private tour of Croatia and Montenegro! You have exceeded our expectations every step of the way! From luxury accommodations and rooms with best views, awesome drivers and guides, choice of local restaurants and menus…I simply don’t know where to stop. We learned so much about life and people there and we will cherish this wonderful experience for a very, very long time. We were sooo happy with your excellent itinerary design and coordination. Not having to spend long time in the mini bus each day was exactly what we needed, and your team delivered it all to the perfection! Thank you so much for planning such a thoughtful trip and for taking care of every single details for all six of us! Amanda, Thomas, Kathy, Dan, Jan & Todd

Amanda R


Transfer to your hotel in Samobor. Often called a little Venice, Samobor is a charming town situated at the foot of the mountain Samobor in the close vicinity of the Croatian capital Zagreb. After a short rest at your boutique hotel, take a walk through its beautiful parks alongside Gradna River, climb up to the vintage point called Steel tower and breath in the mountain-fresh air. Admire the stunning views of Zagreb and Samobor old town fort built in the XII century. Visit the town’s main square and view its beautiful buildings. Stop at the well-known family owned cafe for a mouth-watering kremšnita, a must-try town dessert. Or if the time allows, take a wine route to Plešivica Hills, visit small family wineries and taste the local wines or opt in for a dinner at one of the small family owned restaurants offering excellent gourmet specialties. Hotel Livadić, Samobor


A pleasant drive in the company of your chauffer and a private expert local guide through the mesmerizing rolling hills of Zagorje countryside will take you to Varaždin, one of the oldest European cities dating back to XII century. Varaždin is often referred to as “little Vienna” for its many classical concerts and world famous festivals. Explore this town in the company of your expert local guide, admire the green hills, numerous picturesque castles and summer palaces, spas and vineyards. Visit Trakošćan, one of Croatia’s most beautiful castles and museums with preserved furniture and weapons from the period from the XV to the XIX century. Walk around the beautiful lake surrounding the castle and enjoy the pristine nature. Next, drive by the mysterious Veliki Tabor, the best-preserved medieval fortress in Croatia. Stop for optional lunch of traditional Zagorje specialties at Grešna Gorica klet. How about a hearty home-made meal of best home-made chicken soup, purica with mlinci (roast turkey or duck baked with thin rolled dough), followed by irresistible štrukli (homemade pasta with cheese cooked and baked with home-made sour cream), traditional desserts such as gibanica and štrudla, and of course, a glass or two of local wine, or any other specialty of your choice? And while your lunch is being prepared, a friendly owner will gladly share with you the reason this picturesque hill is called Grešna Gorica. It is a story of the forbidden love between a nobleman and a young girl Veronica Desnička from the near-by village Desnici. Return to Samobor for overnight. Hotel Livadić, Samobor, (B)


Reserve this day to experience lovely Croatian capital. Walk through the history and culture in the company of your expert local guide. Stroll past baroque-style mansions and baronial residences, and admire the beautifully crafted facades. Visit the symbol of Zagreb, St. Mark’s church in the Upper Town, which houses the remarkable works of Ivan Mestrovic, its most famous sculptor. Come to the Lotršćak Tower and admire this most beautiful view of the city, chat with friendly locals at Dolac, the lively open market, and stop by at any of the cozy restaurants on famous Tkalčićeva Street. Now find your favorite spot here, order a cup of coffee or a glass of Zuja (Ožujsko beer) and watch the fashionable Croatians pass by. No, you are not on a fashion runway in London, Paris or Rome…it’s just Zagreb, Croatia! Just watch in awe and let them continue complaining to each other and everybody els they can find to listen how bad it is to live in this extraordinary city. That’s what they all do – complain…It’s a habit or more like a tradition, so don’t fall for it! And only we can openly say that, as most us are from there, too. Continue to Novigrad in the company of your private driver with an optional stop in Plešivica Hill and take the scenic wine route through dreamy villages. Opt for wine tasting and perhaps lunch at one of the family owned restaurants offering excellent gourmet specialties of the region. Upon arrival to your cozy small hotel, spend a short time exploring Novigrad, a real architectural gem filled with amazing historical sights, cultural heritage and unspoiled natural beauty. It is also known as one of the top Istrian gourmet towns famous for the scallop or kapešante as locals prefer to call it. Kapešante is one of the tastiest shellfish in the world, grown in the Novigrad marine area where salty seawater mixes with fresh river water. And if you happened to travel here in the summer month, a gourmet festival entitled Kapešante of Novigrad is a must visit. Hotel Nautica, Novigrad, (B)


A day filled with exciting discoveries of historical towns and amazing quaint villages in the countryside of Istrian Peninsula is ahead of you. In the company of your private chauffeur and a local expert guide, make Poreč your first stop. Porec is home to the famous basilica of St. Euphrasius, a XII century UNESCO World Heritage site that features artwork, stain glass and mosaics. Continue to the 3000 year old town of Pula, the heart of the Peninsula which houses the best preserved Roman amphitheater in the World. You will saunter along old Pula and discover its many mysteries and whispers from the past, among these, is the alluring atmosphere of prehistoric times and roman gladiatorial combats, which nowadays is a unique stage for festivals and concerts. Enjoy the rest of the day traveling though the rolling hills of the Istrian Peninsula, and discover Hum, the smallest town in the world. Continue to the captivating town of Motovun surrounded with a medieval wall on the top of a steep hill. Here you will have an opportunity to taste some of the best specialties made with truffles such as cheese, biscuits, sausages, and many other interesting delicacies. Or opt in for truffle hunt (but please arrange it all with us before the trip). Spend the rest of your time in this serene little town walking around the fortifications and enjoying the striking views of the vineyards and olive groves in the valley. There is no better way to savor the Istrian Peninsula than to enjoy lunch of authentic truffle specialties with a glass of locally grown ruby-red Teran and Muscat of Monjan. Return to Novigrad for overnight. Hotel Nautica, Novigrad, (B)


Transfer to Plitvice Lakes National Park by your private chauffer with a stop on Krk Island for a memorable sightseeing tour. Known as the Golden Island, Krk is the cradle of Croatian literacy, located in the very heart of the Kvarner Bay. In the company of your local guide, visit Jurandvor near Baška where the Baška tablet was discovered by scholars in 1851. Baška tablet is one of the first monuments containing an inscription in the Croatian recension of the Church Slavonic language, dating from c. 1100. It is made of white limestone and it weighs approximately 1,760 pounds. If the time allows, take a bath in healing medicinal mud in sandy Soline Bay and enjoy the delights of nature. Visit town of Krk, stroll its very narrow cobblestone streets and break for lunch of authentic island specialties such as the succulent lamb of Krk, a renowned Croatian product as the sheep are raised in the open air surrounded by various tasty aromatic and spicy herbs. The cheese of Krk made from the milk of those sheep is an extraordinary delicacy. Ham, olives of Punat and the flat bread are inevitable products of many restaurant menus. Scampi and fish from Kvarner Bay are well known for their nutritious quality and great taste. Made by a simple recipe with a little bit of olive oil, they are a real delicacy. “Surlice” with lamb sauce, fish soup with polenta and home-made lasagna with salted fish are just some of the specialties that you can taste on the island along with the glass of fine Žlahtina, a local wine made from Žlahtina grapes. After lunch continue to your hotel in Plitvice Lakes. Ethno House, Plitvica Selo, (B)


Plitvice Lakes National Park is a unique oasis of rare natural beauty! It remains one of Europe’s most beautiful nature reserve parks and consists of 16 lakes, all connected in cascades of murmuring waterfalls. Plitvice Lakes National Park was recognized and protected by UNESCO as part of the world’s natural heritage in 1979. So take a languid walk along the Lakes, and breathe in the fresh mountain air while listening to the lilting sounds of nature. Enjoy the refreshing boat ride and hiking tour of the Lakes and admire the striking views of the waterfalls. Break for lunch for of tasteful locally raised roasted lamb or pork with potatoes, freshly caught wild trout with a glass of brewed beer and a slice of home-made cherry, peach and cheese strudel or any other local specialty of your choice. Ethno House, Plitvica Selo, (B)


You will bask in divine inspiration from the beauty of the Adriatic Coast as you saunter through 3000-year-old Zadar. A centuries-long center for the Illyrian tribe of Liburni and capital of Dalmatia for millennia, Zadar is a city of rich spiritual and material culture. Accompanied by our professional English-speaking guide, visit the Cathedral of St. Stošia (St. Anastasia) dating from 1285 A.D., where paintings of Carpaccio and Palma Jr. are exhibited. You will also experience the Roman Forum and pre-Romanesque church of St. Donat (dating from IX century A.D.), the massive city gate and Square of Wells, the Church of St Simon, and the permanent exhibition “Gold and Silver of Zadar.” During this leisurely time, you may continue exploring Zadar’s many historic treasures, but also remember to shop for all sorts of fine local souvenirs. Zadar will indeed forever pervade your memory as a true spot for divine inspiration! Continue to your hotel in Rogoznica, a small town located in the center of Dalmatia which separates North and South Adriatic. Rogoznica has a perfect location, a great starting point for all excursions in the closer and wider area both by land and sea, as well. Hotel Life, Rogoznica, (B)


This day is reserved for a full day excursion of Šibenik and Krka National Park. A short drive along the scenic coastline with spectacular views of the scattered islands in the company of your private chauffer will take you to Šibenik, the oldest native Croatian city on the Adriatic. In the company of your expert local guide, stroll its narrow winding streets, stony houses, many staircases and the remains of the city walls that give Šibenik that romantic Mediterranean atmosphere. Visit the St. Jacob’s Cathedral, the most famous building in Šibenik constructed over a period of a century, and by many things it is unique not only in Croatian architecture, but in European architecture, as well. It is entirely built of stone, no other material was used. Continue to Skradin, more than a 2000 year old town which is a starting point for your boat ride to the falls. A short cruise through the magnificent Krka river canyon will get you below the falls where you can hike, swim, relax and explore the old artifacts that depict the way of life from the ancient times. With its seven travertine waterfalls with the overall drop of 242 m, the Krka National Park is a natural phenomenon rich in plant and animal species many of which are endemic, rare or endangered – which makes a true natural haven. Continue to a small village of Pakovo Selo and learn first-hand about Dalmatian customs and tradition. See Dalmatian stone houses, traditional tools and utensils, learn how households were run, experience traditional Dalmatia and so much more. The village experience culminates in a splendid feast for your palette. Taste indigenous Dalmatian food and drinks, and delicacies such as those prepared under peka in the traditional way, Drniški pršut (smoked ham), and traditional red and white wine. Return to Rogoznica for overnight. Hotel Life, Rogoznica, (B)


Transfer to the small town of Makarska known for its favorable location between Cetina and Neretva River in the fascinating Makarska Riviera. After a short drive in the company of your driver, arrive to the charming town of Trogir and start your exploration with a private local guide. Trogir is also included in the UNESCO list of protected world cultural heritage. You will quickly see why it is called a museum city by keeping in mind the many artistic repositories it hosts. There is the famous portal of Trogir cathedral and the Renaissance city loggia. And let us not forget the 1000-year old monastery of St. Nicholas. Trogir is indeed a treasure trove of art, and also a stage for young tenors from all over the world who come here each year to engage in singing competition. There will be enough time for strolling the narrow, charming streets of Trogir. Experience the charm of the southern Mediterranean as you arrive at Split, the largest city along the Adriatic coast. Its beauty captivated IV Century Roman Emperor Diocletian, who built his palace here. So begin your sightseeing of Split with a visit to this lofty palace. First, walk the well-preserved ancient cellars; for here is where one can truly experience this magnificent palace. Continue with a visit to the Cathedral, which is considered to be one of the oldest in the world. The Cathedral was built on the remains of an ancient shrine. But don’t forget to experience Split the insider way visiting its markets, boutique specialty shops and tasting local specialties such as fritule, bevanda, sardines, soparnik, prosciutto, olive oil, ice cream, chocolate, vino, mussels, octopus salad, pasticada, and the rest of the mouth-watering Dalmatian specialties. Continue to Makarska for overnight. Hotel Osejava, Makarska, (B)


Driving alongside the scenic Adriatic coast in the company of your private chauffer you will stop in Ston, which is best known for its mighty defensive walls, much like the Great Wall of China. Make a short stop for a taste of fresh oysters and a glass of famous Pelješac wine. Continue your journey to Orebić and catch a ferry for Korčula. Guided sightseeing of Town of Korčula will explain you the history, architecture, and culture of this medieval town and island. Among many attractions in Korčula some of the most prominent are the cathedral of St. Mark and Museum of Icons, and Marco Polo’s birth house. Continue to the small town of Cavtat, the only urban center in Konavle region that has been built up deliberately. In its harmonious architecture, the centuries-old natural, spiritual and material affiliation to the Dubrovnik Republic can be observed. Cavtat is located between the magic city of Dubrovnik on one side and beautiful Konavle on the other. There one can still feel the spirit of the past time and experience the centuries old tradition of the ancestors. Enjoy the hidden coves at peace, long walks at the seaside or spend your time enjoying one of the well secluded beaches. Villa Pattiera, Cavtat, (B)


Start your exploration in the company of your local guide. Stroll down to the city center and explore its cobblestone streets and squares. Learn about magnificent history of medieval Dubrovnik, its traditions and everyday life. Visit the beautiful cloister at the Franciscan Monastery. Delight in the artistic treasures of the Assumption of the Virgin, and visit the Rector’s Palace, and XIV-century Dominican Monastery. Visit local market and shops and taste authentic specialties. Enjoy the rest of the day at leisure. Continue to the countryside of Konavle and experience the spirit of tradition and a true village atmosphere. Visit the village of Pridvorje and tour the Franciscan monastery followed by a pleasurable drive through the vineyards. Taste the local wines and enjoy seljačka marenda or what today some call farmer’s brunch, a simple snack of bacon and onion served in a traditional way, just as the people used to have during work in the fields. Visit a mill in the village of Ljuta and learn how flour was once produced. Dine at the local restaurant here or return to Cavtat for some leisure time. Villa Pattiera, Cavtat, (B)

Depart Cavtat

Transfer to Dubrovnik airport.
  • Private transfers by car and driver throughout the trip as per the itinerary
  • Sightseeing with expert local guides of Zagreb, Varaždin and Zagorje, Poreč, Pula, Hum, Motovun, Island of Krk, Plitvice Lakes, Zadar, Šibenik, Krka Waterfalls, Trogir, Split, Ston, Korčula, Konavle and Dubrovnik
  • Stop in Plešivica Hills for wine tasting
  • Stop in Skradin & Pakovo Selo
  • Stop in Pelješac Peninsula for wine tasting
  • Breakfast daily
  • VAT
  • 24 hour assistance in Croatia if needed

  • Samobor, Hotel Livadić, 2 nights, breakfast
  • Novigrad, Hotel Nautica, 2 nights, breakfast
  • Plitvice, Ethno House, 2 nights, breakfast
  • Rogoznica, Hotel Life, 2 nights, breakfast
  • Makarska, Hotel Osejava, 1 nights, breakfast
  • Cavtat, Villa Pattiera, 2 nights, breakfast

  • Airfare, tips,
  • €1 – €3.5 tourist tax per person per day, drinks, telephone charges and incidentals
  • Anything else not mentioned in the inclusion
SEASON INovember 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022
SEASON IIApril 1 – May 10 & October 1 – October 31, 2022
SEASON IIIMay 11 – September 30, 2022
SEASON INovember 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023
SEASON IIApril 1 – May 10 & October 1 – October 31, 2023
SEASON IIIMay 11 – September 30, 2023
Rates are in US dollars.
PRICES (per person based on double/twin occupancy)
Land Rate Per Person
SEASON IFrom $4,495
SEASON IIFrom $4,695
SEASON IIIFrom $4,995

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